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Principal’s Message


Welcome to Bloomington Hills Elementary, home of the Bobcats. Bobcats are Respectful, Responsible, and Resilient. At Bloomington Hills we have a strong tradition of high student achievement focused on learning for all.


Our motto is: Bloomington Hills where…

Everyone Teaches, Everyone Learns, and Everyone Cares (TLC).


Dear Parents,

I would like to share with you a few of the great things happening at Bloomington Hills Elementary. It is a wonderful school with a rich tradition of academic excellence for over 20 years. There have been lots of changes through the years, but the school is still the great school it has always been. We are fortunate to have a wonderful faculty and staff, strong parent support with a well-organized, energetic PTA, and most important of all…amazing high achieving students. We are happy to report on our SAGE testing we scored at the top of the district again in all 3 areas, Language Arts, Math, and Science. 

After providing strong Tier 1 instruction, we then are focusing on the question of, “What to do for those who don’t get it the first time?” To meet those needs we have developed strong grade level interventions, as well as school-wide interventions: 2 sessions of full-day kindergarten that serve the most at-risk students, small group Leveled Literacy interventions for struggling readers in 1st-3rd, fluency tutoring sessions based on a partnership created with Desert Hills Middle School, where the students come over twice a week to tutor students in K-5th grades. Each of these interventions has proven to be very successful and have made a big difference for our at-risk students.

The other focus question is, “What are we doing for those students who already have it?” To meet their needs we have developed a wide variety of enrichment opportunities. All students at the school in 1st-5th grade receive music and art instruction 30 minutes weekly. Each year we showcase the things the students have learned in art and music at our Evening of the Arts held in May. For many years some of our classes also participate in the Utah Children’s Opera program and create and perform their own operas that evening. We have provided math enrichments for 4th and 5th grade students with our computer teacher connecting math and technology. High ability students in 3rd-5th grade attend Junior Great Books and our Family Science Night is always a big hit with our students and parents.

In addition, we have created a partnership with the DHHS Science department where our 5th grade students go over to the high school and are taught and reinforced science concepts they have both learned during the year. We also have a partnership with DSU where the 5th grade students will be learning a SCRATCH program after school. And finally, with the help of our PTA we have established a Book and Breakfast Club and other fun events to encourage our students to excel in all areas.  In the spring they sponsor the fun “Color Run” to help us celebrate our reading success by reaching our reading goals.  

Bloomington Hills is excited about all the great things happening here and we would love to invite you to come visit our school anytime and see the Bobcats in action.


                                                                                                                           -Mrs. North


Everyone Teaches, Everyone Learns and Everyone Cares-TLC

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